Bikes Stations Technologies

Best-in-class technology, cool and reliable!

The award-winning, robust and unique design that launched an entire mobility movement. ICONIC is the industry reference.

Roller brakes

for efficient, low maintenance and safe braking

Sturdy luggage carrier

the size of your average briefcase or purse

Chain protector

to protect riders’ clothes

Lighting system

powered by a dynamo with a 10,000-hour lifespan

Aluminum frame

light and durable

Patented locking device

a proven anti-theft system

Integrated gear hub

Shimano Nexus 3-speed, or optional 7-speed

Comfortable seat

theft-proof, with a marked scale for height adjustment

Our FIT is a lighter rendition of everything you love about the ICONIC, making it the ultimate riding experience for all type of riders.

Identical ergonomics

lighter components and a smaller frame

Thinner grip

for better handling

Smaller 24’’ wheels

for greater manoeuverability

Rear light

for full visibility

Ad panels

for a maximum sponsor visibility

The new electric pedal-assist technology

Enjoy a smooth fun and easier ride across longer distances,

 up hills and against headwinds.

32 km/h

maximum speed to

propel yourself

through your ride

60 km

of battery autonomy

to allow cyclists to ride around

the city without any worries


We have engineered and designed an electric pedal-assist bike that is fun to ride reliable, secure and fully certified



propels you up to 32 km/h.


fully integrated in the aluminium frame.


up to 70 km.


for an optimal riding experience


quickly at smart stations.


This hardwired station docks any bike and recharges electric bikes.


This modular system fits seamlessly into the cityscape

and has a friendly interface that makes it easy for any type of rider.



Smart because it doesn’t need a kiosk—its brains are hidden in the solar-powered map frame.

Riders simply use an app to unlock their bikes.


The station is full? With the new geofencing technology you can confirm the end of your trip by locking your bike in a limited radius around a station. Connect with the app and get your confirmation!



PBSC’s official app is customizable to your city

and personalized to each user, offering cycling metrics,

station tracking and transactional modes.

Integrated and intuitive management tool,

accessible from any internet-connected computer or tablet

to provide information on the state of your bike-share system.


Assets and finance management

System configuration

Rebalancing tool

Bike share data

Customer service