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Bicicletas 3.700
Estaciones inteligentes 320

Con las bicicletas FIT en circulación, el operador tembici aprovecha al máximo nuestro seguro software de gestión basado en la nube para dirigir el espectáculo.

2018 Launch - São Paulo is about to experience the world's most modern bike sharing technology as PBSC Urban Solutions rolls in!

“We are very happy to introduce the most widely used system of shared bicycles in the world to Brazil. In addition to bringing new technology, we studied the most successful systems and applied the processes of management and distribution of the stations in the new Bike Sampa. tembici. rethought the whole project and the user can now count on a practical bike sharing system.” 

Tomás Martins CEO, tembici

Ride On!

The people of São Paulo are gearing up to welcome unprecedented levels of excellence as the first stations and bikes hit the pavement in some of the most strategic areas of the city today. Not only will the new network be extremely accessible through various payment and unlocking options such as a smartphone application, cash payments at designated sales points, Bilhete Unico card and credit card payments directly at the docking terminals, more bikes will be added and made available at major public transit hubs as the scheme continues to expand. Ideal for citizens, tourists, occasional riders and urban explorers, PBSC’s new system will have something for everyone!

A Bike FIT for Brazilians

A bright orange version of the FIT bike, the lightest member of PBSC’s family of bikes, was selected for its smart ergonomics and sleek and modern look, providing an optimal riding experience for all types of cyclists. The bike is fully adapted to the daily reality of this lovely city, not to mention its durability which will help ensure sustainability as South America’s largest metropolis, let alone the world’s third most populous urban area, begins to include the FIT in its daily commute.

Nuestras ciudades

PBSC fabrica su propia tecnología avanzada y fácil de usar.

Nuestras soluciones tecnológicas incluyen el software de gestión basado en la nube, la aplicación PBSC, las estaciones inteligentes y el dispositivo de anclaje patentado que bloquea tu bicicleta y se comunica con el sistema operativo.