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1 000 nouveaux vélos et 120 stations

TORONTO, April 11, 2016 – The Toronto Parking Authority (TPA) today announced that it has selected a new supplier for the Bike Share Toronto network.

Following an extensive tender process the TPA has chosen PBSC Urban Solutions, a world leader in public bike-sharing systems, as the supplier of Bike Share Toronto’s new bikes and stations. With the tender process now complete, the TPA will purchase 1000 new bikes and 120 new stations from PBSC this year.

The purchase more than doubles the number of bikes in the bike share program, allowing more people to take advantage of seamless transportation options.

“We had a very thorough and detailed tender process, in search of a company that had the best roadmap for the future of bike share and the best value for our dollar,” said TPA President Lorne Persiko. “PBSC Urban Solutions was hands down the winner, and we look forward to working with them over the next 5 years as we grow the Bike Share Toronto network.”

In addition to supplying new bikes and stations, PBSC will also replace the electronic components in the current system, including 81 pay stations and 1500 docks, so that it is fully integrated with the new system.

PBSC’s systems are used very successfully in cities around the world, including Chicago, London, Montréal, Melbourne, New York, Toronto, Washington, Guadalajara, Aspen, San Francisco, Chattanooga and Columbus.

“We are thrilled to be working with the TPA over the next 5 years as they expand Bike Share Toronto,” said Luc Sabbatini, CEO of PBSC Urban Solutions.  “Bike sharing is a fun, green, and reliable transportation option for residents and visitors to get around in this beautiful city. We look forward to leveraging our unique technology and proven experience to do our part making Toronto's bike sharing program an even greater success.”

In July 2015 Metrolinx partnered with the TPA and committed $4.9 million worth of bikes and docking stations to expand Bike Share Toronto’s network (with 20% of the funds committed to the GTHA).

The expansion of Bike Share Toronto is a significant step in advancing the TPA’s commitment to create a world-class bike sharing system.

About the TPA:

The Toronto Parking Authority is a self-sustaining public corporation owned by the City of Toronto. It contributes significant revenues to the City's general reserves while successfully meeting its mandate to provide safe, attractive, conveniently located and competitively priced off- and on-street public parking, required by commercial strips and neighbouring residential areas to survive. Recognized as a world leader in parking technology services, the Parking Authority has been successful in ensuring that businesses in these areas continue to grow and neighbourhoods remain vibrant.

About PBSC Urban Solutions

With a total of over 130 million rides from its beginning, PBSC Urban Solutions is a world leader in public bike-sharing systems. The company currently has more than 45,000 bikes and 3,500 stations worldwide. Its system uses solar powered wireless terminals and cutting edge technology. It is sleek, easy to use, durable and offers an alternative and attractive option for those seeking urban transportation. PBSC’s systems are used in many cities all around the world, including Chicago, London, Montréal, Melbourne, New York, Toronto, Washington, Guadalajara, Aspen, San Francisco, Chattanooga and Columbus. USA Today ranked seven of these cities in one of its prestigious 10Best, for best bike-share programs to tour great cities, making PBSC the uncontested leader in the industry. For more information, visit

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PBSC fabrica su propia tecnología avanzada y fácil de usar.

Nuestras soluciones tecnológicas incluyen el software de gestión basado en la nube, la aplicación PBSC, las estaciones inteligentes y el dispositivo de anclaje patentado que bloquea tu bicicleta y se comunica con el sistema operativo.