julio 11, 2019
Por : PBSC
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We’re feeling pumped after a great few days in Dublin, Ireland at the 2019 edition of Velo-City, the European Cyclists’ Federation annual global cycling summit. We are proud to have served as the event’s Emerald Sponsor.
Here’s a look back at our week.

Our booth at Velo-City 2019 is far from ordinary; it’s as attention-grabbing as our bikes: ICONIC, FIT, BOOST and E-FIT. 

Day 2: PBSC sponsors a panel on bike-sharing in dense cities — something we DEFINITELY know a little bit about. 
From left to right :  Alfonso Diaz del Rio, Ferrovial Services; Redha Zetchi Fouchane, Bicing; Luc Sabbatini, Mario Delgado Padilla, BKT Bici Publica and Tomás Petti Martins, tembici.

velo city 2019

Pauline Meallier of Valence-Romans Déplacements, spoke about new bike sharing practices in Valence.

Tomás Martins, CEO of tembici.

Bicing Barcelona manager, Redha Zetchi Fouchane

Officially launched at Velo-City 2019: PBSC joins the group of European experts in bike sharing that is aiming to make cities more liveable, healthy and sustainable for years to come.

See you all at Velo-City 2020!