mayo 4, 2017
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Montréal, May 4 – The past 18 months have been exhilarating for PBSC with multiple expansions around the globe, massive investments in research and development and the creation of PBSC Media.


PBSC is travelling and has added new destinations to its map, including Aruba, Louisville, Detroit, Honolulu and multiple expansions in the existing markets of Montreal, Toronto and Chicago. Combined, these new destinations will total over 6,000 bikes and close to 500 stations. In fact, PBSC’s 50,000th bike will be delivered in the coming weeks in Montreal, as part of the city’s 375th anniversary celebrations.

“50,000 bikes is so much more than just a number,” said Luc Sabbatini, President and CEO of PBSC. It represents the dedication of our team and the willingness of our partners around the world to trust our systems and solutions . Stay tuned. There is a lot more in the pipeline. We will continue to play our role in changing the world, one city at a time.”

The family of bikes developed by PBSC is also progressing. Honolulu will be the first city to implement an entire fleet of PBSC’s FIT bikes. The FIT is a lighter bike with a smaller frame, thinner grip for better handling and smaller 24” wheels for great manoeuvrability, while retaining all of the comfort and safety features of the ICONIC. As of July 2017, 1,000 FITS and 100 stations will be installed in Honolulu.

The BOOST, a pedal-assist bike developed by PBSC is now ready to be implemented. The BOOST opens up a brand-new terrain and allows the user to enjoy a smooth, fun and easier ride across longer distances, up hills and against headwinds.


After investing over $5 million in R&D and innovation in the past 2 years, PBSC is proud to announce many technological novelties in its systems. The company created the PBSC Lab this year, a hub dedicated to innovation. “Innovation is part of our DNA. At PBSC, we adopt a holistic approach of innovation by combining R&D and creativity to find solutions to our clients’ needs, always while keeping in mind sustainable development,” continued Luc Sabbatini.

With tens of millions rides taken on PBSC’s bikes each year, the company gathers impressive amounts of data and use that intelligence to innovate and create the best customized solutions in the industry. COMET, an intuitive management tool developed for operators and cities, is accessible from any device anywhere in the world through a cloud-computing solution. It provides real-time information to cities on the state of their bike-sharing systems. COMET is one example of the advanced technologies offered by PBSC that aims to ease the complexity of combining all transit options and allows cities to integrate, connect and unify data from all touch points: kiosk, website, mobile applications, transit cards, etc.

“With these investments and innovation, we are securing our position as the front runner in bike-sharing hardware and software technology worldwide,” concluded Luc Sabbatini.


Pursuing its 360° approach of urban solutions, PBSC is proud to announce the creation of PBSC Media, a new division that will maximize sponsorships and advertising on city-owned assets. PBSC Media will be able to support cities by offering strategic counselling, or entirely manage their advertisement. The division is led by Luc Quétel, former president of Astral Out-of-Home who joined PBSC six months ago as the COO of the company, after more than 25 years of experience in advertising and a strong background in the transportation industry.

“PBSC Media is the perfect complement for cities needing support to maximize their revenue. We unite our deep knowledge of the bike-sharing industry to our experience in advertising and media, to create a turnkey solution for our clients. Once again PBSC is proud to be at the forefront of the industry when it comes to innovation,” said Luc Quétel.

PBSC will be unveiling a state of the art digital mapframe at the Global Public Transport Summit on May 15th in Montreal. This mapframe is designed to be integrated to the cities’ bike-sharing stations. Using LCD technology, it will allow multiple advertisers to be showcased at regular intervals. The content will be managed wirelessly and can be modified at will, making it totally flexible.

About PBSC Urban Solutions

With over 160 million rides since its beginning, PBSC Urban Solutions is the world leader in public bike-sharing solutions. Its systems use solar-powered wireless terminals and cutting-edge technology that is adaptable and easy to use. PBSC is the only bike-sharing provider offering cities three different types of bikes: the ICONIC, the FIT and the BOOST, a pedal-assist electric bike. PBSC is a pioneer in public bike-sharing solutions and, following its vision to change the world one city at a time, continues to pave the way in sustainable alternatives to traditional urban transportation worldwide.

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