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A new family of next-generation bikes unveiled at Velo-City conference

Taipei and Montreal – Bike-sharing pioneer and catalyst PBSC today unveiled its new family of next-generation bikes developed and designed for the evolving needs of cities and urbanites all around the world. These exciting new products were launched at a special event held on day one of the Velo-City world cycling conference in Taipei, Taiwan.

The new line-up of bikes, the ICONIC, the FIT and the BOOST, exemplifies once again PBSC’s ability to innovate and push the industry forward since its introduction of the world-renowned Bixi bike in 2009.

“With 45 000 bikes in circulation around the world and dozens of millions of rides recorded each year, PBSC’s team crunched impressive amounts of usage data and gathered unique insights from consumers around the world,” said Luc Sabbatini, President and CEO of PBSC Urban Solutions. “Today, we take immense pride in introducing a new line of products that will meet the most demanding needs of our consumers while offering highly-innovative solutions to the ever-growing challenges that urban mobility presents in small and large cities alike,” he continued.


12 months in the making, PBSC’s new bike family is the result of extensive research and development with long-standing partner Devinci along with conversations with clients in order to provide a product that could meet a number of evolving requirements: climate, demographics, lifestyle and/or urban specificities. The result: a family of bikes that showcases best-in-class technology and performance without sacrificing cool design or aesthetics.


First in line is the ICONIC. Based on the original and award-winning BIXI, a robust yet fashionable bike that marked the launch of an entire industry in 2009, the current ICONIC now sports over 30 improvements made over the last few years by PBSC to adapt to evolving customer needs and the latest trends and technology. It has a light and durable aluminum frame and resistant 26” wheels with ultra solid rims. ICONIC is the industry reference, often copied but never equalled.


Providing the ultimate free riding experience, our brand new designed FIT is a lighter rendition of everything you love about the ICONIC, making it perfect for all types of riders. It has the same proven ergonomics as the ICONIC, yet lighter components such as a smaller frame, thinner grip for better handling and smaller 24” wheels for great manoeuvrability. With a sleek and modern design, the FIT provides a great riding experience for all cyclists.


BOOST opens up a brand-new terrain and allows the user to enjoy a smooth, fun and easier ride across longer distances, up hills and against headwinds. The BOOST is a pedal assist electric model that features a high capacity battery, which can be recharged via the patented locking device. Its hub motor is fully integrated into the wheel and provides a smooth propulsion, noise- and vibration-free. The extra “boost” will be useful in many situations.

Redefining Urban Mobility Around The World

“Today’s announcement exemplifies once again PBSC’s commitment and drive to be the global leader and most efficient client-focussed supplier in the the bike-sharing industry, as well as in the field of urban mobility as a whole with the objective to provide customers cutting-edge, integrated and flexible transportation products,” concluded Luc Sabbatini.

About PBSC Urban Solutions

With a total of over 130 million rides from its beginning, PBSC Urban Solutions is a world leader in public bike-sharing systems. The company currently has more than 45,000 bikes and 3,500 stations worldwide. Its system uses solar powered wireless terminals and cutting edge technology. It is sleek, easy to use, durable and offers an alternative and attractive option for those seeking urban transportation. PBSC’s systems are used in many cities all around the world, including Chicago, London, Montréal, Melbourne, New York, Toronto, Washington, Guadalajara, Aspen, San Francisco, Chattanooga and Columbus. USA Today ranked seven of these cities in one of its prestigious 10Best, for best bike-share programs to tour great cities, making PBSC the uncontested leader in the industry. For more information, visit www.pbsc.com.


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