octubre 9, 2015
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Montreal – PBSC Urban Solutions today announced a partnership with Transit App to offer a fully-integrated transactional application for its bike-sharing system. For the first time in North America, bike-share users will be able to plan their urban travel, pay via their smart phone, and unlock a bike with a mobile generated access code.

The free Transit App update available later this Fall, makes bike-sharing transactions available to all customers, whether or not they are registered members, thus widening access to the bike-share system. In just a couple of taps, users will be able to pay for a pass and unlock a bike, allowing them to skip the visit to bike share kiosks.

“When we decided to unlock the full potential of this business and to offer better service and mobility solutions, we wanted to ensure that we were simplifying the user’s experience, improving the sustainable mobility landscape,” stated Luc Sabbatini, PBSC Urban Solutions CEO. “That is precisely why we decided to partner with Transit App, which is available in more than a hundred cities worldwide and counts millions of active users. They have developed what is widely considered to be the best everyday integrated urban transportation application. This partnership was the natural thing to do and it made great business sense. You will now be able to plan your route, pay for the bike and off you go. It can’t get any simpler than that.”

“ We are enthusiastic about this partnership with bike-sharing leader PBSC. It will be a first in North America to enable users to pay to unlock a bike with an integrated urban transport mobile application and we strongly believe that this will facilitate access to local bike-sharing networks”, added Sam Vermette co-Founder and CEO of Transit App. “Supporting the development of sustainable urban mobility is at the heart of what we do and our deep PBSC integration fits perfectly with our core mission.”

Earlier this year, PBSC announced investments of more than $2M in R&D in 2015 alone. This announcement is a clear indication that the Company is fully dedicated to maintaining its position as industry-leader and also driving innovations in the bike- sharing world even further, offering customers a cutting-edge, integrated mobile transportation product.

“With this innovation, we are removing the remaining barriers to the full integration of bike-sharing systems in sustainable urban mobility solutions. And this is only the latest of our innovation announcements, we are still working hard on growth opportunities and other projects aimed at increasing our overall offering to customers and end-users”, concluded Mr. Sabbatini.

About PBSC Urban Solutions

With a total of over 120 million rides from its beginning, PBSC Urban Solutions is a world leader in public bike-sharing systems. The company currently has close to 45,000 bikes and 3,500 stations worldwide. Its system uses solar powered wireless terminals and cutting edge technology. It is sleek, easy to use, durable and offers an alternative and attractive option for those seeking urban transportation. PBSC’s systems are used in many cities all around the world, including Chicago, London, Montreal, Melbourne, New York, Toronto, Washington, Guadalajara, Aspen, San Francisco, Chattanooga and Columbus. USA Today ranked seven of these cities in one of its prestigious 10Best, for best bike-share programs to tour great cities, making PBSC the uncontested leader in the industry.

About Transit App

Transit App demystifies urban transportation in more than 100 cities worldwide. Right on launch, Transit App displays all nearby transport options and departure times in big text and bright colors. Users can plan trips, set reminders, and get notifications about disruptions. Aside from public transit, the application integrates all sustainable transport means, including bike sharing, car sharing and Uber. Counting millions of active users in the US and Canada, and claiming the top ranking in the app store charts, Transit App has emerged as the leading urban transport app in North America. The company is based in Montreal, Quebec. You can visit www.shifttransit.net for more information.

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