agosto 12, 2015
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Montréal  – PBSC Urban Solutions commented today on a robust operational year to date, showcasing strong progress in several aspects of the business.

Since January, expansions have been numerous.  In Chicago, 1,760 new bikes are now in circulation and are accompanied by 176 new stations, whereas in Guadalajara, Mexico, PBSC will be adding 840 bikes and 120 stations by the end of the year. London, Cambridge, Columbus, Washington and Aspen will also see expansions in 2015.

In Toluca, Mexico, a new contract was signed for the deployment of 350 bikes and 27 stations. By the end of 2015, PBSC will have successfully delivered 6,000 bikes and 500 stations in multiple urban areas, bringing its global presence to an industry-leading total of 45,000 bikes and 3,500 stations. The company’s bicycles are now cruising the streets of 15 cities worldwide at a rate of 150,000 rides per day.

“The strong year we are reporting to date is the result of a number of factors,” commented Luc Sabbatini, CEO of PBSC. “We have welcomed new, creative minds to our team, we have efficiently streamlined our operations and we have intensified our focus on innovation and client service. All of this while maintaining our global vision and urban mobility signature through locally-inspired and customized solutions.”

PBSC’s ability to deliver high volume orders in record time is a testament to the strong foundation in operational efficiency the company has continued to build since January.

“Our Chicago expansion is a brilliant example to this effect where we managed to deliver 1,760 bikes and 176 stations in a very short timeframe,” said Gian Carlo Crivello, Director of Business Development for PBSC. “Today, Chicago is one of the most important bike-sharing cities in all of North America.  The expansion was up and running in a matter of weeks, which is quite impressive considering most projects of this magnitude can take months for others to deliver fully.”


By the end of 2015 alone, PBSC’s expenditures in R&D and innovation will total over $2 million. This is the most important investment of its kind in the bike-sharing industry.

“In the second half of 2015 through the beginning of 2016, we will be announcing several important new initiatives that, put together, will give our clients the best integrated multi-modal system on the market,” added Gian Carlo Crivello. “These initiatives will bring many enhancements to our offering in terms of functionality, access and user experience.”

Under its new leadership, PBSC has consolidated its efforts and expertise towards redefining industry standards.

“With these investments, we are securing our position as the front-runner in bike-sharing hardware and software technology worldwide,” concluded Luc Sabbatini.

About PBSC Urban Solutions

With a total of over 120 million rides from its beginning, PBSC Urban Solutions is a world leader in public bike-sharing systems. The company currently has close to 45,000 bikes and 3,500 stations worldwide. Its system uses solar powered wireless terminals and cutting edge technology. It is sleek, easy to use, durable and offers an alternative and attractive option for those seeking urban transportation. PBSC’s systems are used in many cities all around the world, including Chicago, London, Montreal, Melbourne, New York, Toronto, Washington, Guadalajara, Aspen, San Francisco, Chattanooga and Columbus. USA Today ranked seven of these cities in one of its prestigious 10Best, for best bike-share programs to tour great cities, making PBSC the uncontested leader in the industry.


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