PBSC’s multimodal solution is now in action!

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Multimodal station with bike, e-bike and e-scooter
Bikes 850
Smart stations 50

The city of Iași will be equipped with PBSC mechanical ICONIC bikes, BOOST pedal-assist e-bikes equipped with an electric motor, as well as Smart stations for docking and charging

Iași’s bike share system, which will include a mixed fleet of mechanical and electric bicycles supplied by PBSC Urban Solutions, will provide a healthy, safe and eco-friendly travel option for locals and tourists alike.  As the second largest city in the southeastern European country of Romania, their bike share program is set to play a key role in their objectives towards attaining long-term sustainability by reducing daily carbon emissions.

With strategically placed docking and charging stations in popular urban areas and near public transit drop-off points, the residents of the city will be able to take advantage of bikes as a first and last mile option. Learn more about Iași’s bike share system in our release here.

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PBSC’s advanced, user-friendly technology is built in-house. In addition to our bikes and Smart Stations, we offer an app for users, management system for operators, and much more.