Job description

PBSC operates round the clock is some of the largest cities in the world. Our systems are an integral part of the urban transit ecosystems of cities that never sleep. Our teams must solve challenges across 18 time zones while respecting response time constraints. If this type of dynamic challenge interests you, you are in the right spot!

  • This is a think on your feet role where mastery of architecture, processes and logic are a must to mitigate problems rapidly and efficiently. Within a team, you will act as the escalation point for complex urgent issues that our operations helpdesk cannot resolve on their own.
  • You will work regular hours 4 days a week and be on call 24/7 in case there is an emergency to solve. Our uptime metrics are over 99.995%. Compensation is in line with the responsibilities.
  • During regular hours, when not handling production issues, you will develop features as part of the Customer Requests pod. This pod handles customer requests that fall outside of the normal PBSC product roadmap.
  • During emergencies, you will own analysis, direct the operation team to perform operations on bike sharing kiosks, apply mitigations, manage communication with senior management on risk analysis, estimates to mitigation and estimates to resolution. You will also prepare incident reports after situations are resolved and conduct post-mortem with the product team if long-term fixes are required.

Experience and knowledge

  • Minimum 8 years of experience or equivalent
  • Excellent knowledge of Javascript (Node.js must be learned for this role)
  • Excellent knowledge of embedded environments
  • Excellent knowledge of memory constrained environments, garbage collection overhead, serialization/deserialization, USB devices, etc.
  • Experience with live operations
  • Able to home in quickly on performance problems and find mitigations to restore service
  • Good knowledge of infrastructure principles (load balancing, NAT, bastions, etc.)
  • Superior capacity at integrating with complex environments
  • Knowledge of Linux and scripting
  • Knowledge of automated build pipelines and Git.
  • Working knowledge of Java, Spring, Hibernate and MySQL a plus


Interpersonal skills

  • Cool head under pressure
  • Excellent oral and written English and French, other languages are a plus
  • Capacity to work autonomously, to estimate tasks and meet tight deadlines
  • Strong analytical, debugging skills and problem-solving abilities
  • Ability to articulate ideas
  • Attention to quality and details


Allowed file types and size: .doc, .docx, .pdf < 10mb.