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Discover how Velocity's values resonate with PBSC

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PBSC was delighted to sponsor the Velo-city 2024 conference, held in Ghent, Belgium. This important event was an opportunity for us to meet with our partners, and address industry challenges and trends. Two of our coworkers delivered insightful presentations, demonstrating how Velo-city's values resonate with PBSC's. Read our reflections on the event!

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Round table with Cycling Industries Europe

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During the Velo-city 2024 conference, as a member of CIE (Cycling Industries Europe), we had the pleasure of participating in a round table discussion on the topic: "Which cities will be best placed for bike-sharing in 2024, and why?", and explore action plans for developing bike-sharing in European cities. Anthony Rinaldi shares his thoughts on the workshop in Zag Daily’s article.

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Partner’s Corner

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Two years of Bicicoruña!

La Coruña's bike-sharing system in Spain celebrated its second year of operation last June. The scheme has already recorded over 507,000 trips on its bikes since the beginning of the year (compared with 200,000 in 2019, when the system was provided by another supplier). Congrats Bicicoruña for these impressive figures! 

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Velespeed celebrates its anniversary!


In Nicosia, Northern Cyprus, the Velespeed program celebrates six years of service and has reached a new milestone. In just six months this year, the system has recorded more journeys than it did in the entire previous year. Congratulations, Velespeed! These figures reflect the growing popularity of the service.

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 BIXI arrives in Sainte-Julie


Montreal's BIXI bike-sharing solution is expanding its fleet in Sainte-Julie. 40 bikes, including 30 E-FIT e-bikes, and 5 PBSC stations have been deployed in the city, to the delight of residents who will be able to commute from Sainte-Julie to Montreal via the same network. A $160,000 grant was awarded to this project as part of the TAPU program for active transportation development. 

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