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Iaşi Joins Romania’s Bike Share Movement with a New Fleet of PBSC ICONIC Bikes, BOOST E-Bikes & Smart Stations

PBSC Urban Solutions continues its bike share expansion in Romania with this latest project that will see the city of Iaşi implementing a fleet of ICONIC mechanical bikes, BOOST e-bikes and Smart Stations. 
The touristic destination is the latest city in Romania and in Europe to seek to achieve sustainable transportation and complement its public transport system with bike sharing as a last mile option. In the last year, both the cities of Sibiu and Dej in Romania have worked with PBSC and local partner, Sustainable Mobility Solutions SRL (SUMS). This latest Micromobility project marks the third joint initiative between the two companies in Romania. Set to launch in 2022, Iaşi’s new system will include 813 ICONIC bikes, 37 BOOST e-bikes and 50 Smart Charging & Docking Stations, all provided by PBSC. 

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Europe’s Bike Share Movement 

Bike Share in Europe has been a steadily growing mode of transportation as more cities aim to lower their carbon emissions and take advantage of a number of EU incentives. European cities like Barcelona and London are clear examples of how a bike share program can be successful and how quickly urban populations will adapt to using sharing services.  
In fact, micromobility is considered as a great last mile option to include in addition to efficient public transit systems. This initiative to provide an environmentally friendly means of transport, in parallel with public transit systems, will play a key role in reducing the number of personal cars on the roads.  
According to the latest report by the European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF), cycling has been proven to save emissions equaling to more than 16 million tons of CO2 equivalents per year in the EU. That’s the equivalent of the yearly CO2 emissions of an entire country. In the same report, drawing from data brought to light by the European Environmental Agency, they state that “air pollution is the single largest environmental health risk in Europe, causing around 400 000 premature deaths per year”. 
Pedal assisted e-bikes, such as PBSC’s BOOST, are equipped with an electric motor and allow for users to easily grab a bike at a dock and return your bike to any station near your final destination. This ease of use encourages greater populations in urban areas to take advantage of active and sustainable modes of transportation, opting for buses, trains and bike share, rather than automobiles in high traffic areas.  

In parallel with the implementation of their mechanical and electric bikes for urban travel, the mayor of Iaşi, Mihai Chirica, has also announced new dedicated cycling routes to encourage the local use of bike share systems. The City aims to increase its use of bicycles and active modes of transportation by 3.8%, which they estimate will help them to meet their goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 1.4% by 2023. 
In addition to PBSC bikes and e-bikes with 7 speeds and an autonomy of 60KM, Iaşi will also be installing 42 solar powered stations.

“The best bike-sharing system for a great city! SUMS is proud to be delivering this latest micromobility program in Iaşi, which will include 50 stations, 850 bikes including 37 e-bikes from our partner, PBSC Urban Solutions. With projects in Sibiu and Dej, this latest contract demonstrates Romania’s expanding efforts to create more sustainable cities for the future and reduce their carbon footprint. Together with PBSC, our strong consortium will provide a turnkey system that will lead to increased sustainable transportation in this beautiful Romanian City.”— Marian Ionut Istrate, General Manager, Sustainable Urban Mobility Solutions SRL (SUMS). 

“Iaşi is a great city, and we are happy to be part of their project to complement their public transit system with a world-leading bike share solution”, says Gian Carlo Crivello, CRO at PBSC. “We are working with a growing number of cities in Romania and in Europe that all have the same initiative - more accessible, more sustainable transportation. Micromobility is the ultimate alternative to personal cars. PBSC has been developing bikes, e-bikes, Smart Stations and technology for over a decade now. It’s that level of experience that we will bring to this project, alongside our partners at SUMS and their expertise in Mobility solutions. I truly look forward to working with the City on this and any future projects and to see a happy population take to the streets on our classic ICONIC and electric BOOST bikes.”  

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